Clinton Won’t Commit

Things have not been going well for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. New polls are showing that Americans do not have favorable opinions about Clinton, and her numbers seem to be dropping more and more with every passing week. In a development that must be particularly distressing for her campaign staffers, voters are overwhelmingly declaring that they do not believe Clinton is honest or trustworthy. Only 44% of registered voters consider her trustworthy, and among independent voters, she fares even worse: only 36% consider her trustworthy while 56% believe she is untrustworthy.

With America’s opinion of her falling rapidly, one would assume that Clinton would be rushing to repair her image, perhaps by taking a principled stand on one of the many issues facing America today. However, rather than taking a stand and trying to connect with voters, Clinton has refused to let the public know what her policies will be or even what she thinks about nearly any issue. She has been avoiding questions from the media and from the public, and has done her best to hide what she thinks about topics that Americans care about.

So what has she been doing instead? She has been cozying up to Wall Street tycoons and other billionaires, hoping that if she can get enough money in campaign donations, it won’t matter that America doesn’t trust her. While Clinton has not made any public announcements about her opinion of hot button issues like the Keystone XL pipeline, the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership, the deregulation of Wall Street, or immigration, she has been holding private meetings with wealthy potential donors. Presumably, she is being more forthright about her intentions with the billionaires she is courting.

Her one public declaration, in which she voiced strong support for voting rights and condemned Republican efforts to limit voter registration, was a carefully calculated one. George Soros, the liberal billionaire who routinely donates tens of millions of dollars to Democratic campaigns has not yet backed Hillary Clinton, and Mr. Soros is passionate about voting rights. Without the support of George Soros, Clinton’s campaign is unlikely to amount to anything at all.

Similarly, she has remained silent on the topic of the Keystone XL pipeline despite the fact that nearly all Democrats are opposed to it on environmentalist grounds. This is likely because supporters of the pipeline, including several petroleum companies and the government of Canada, have donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. She does not want to offend these donors, even if the alternative is to enrage the Democratic base by refusing to take a stand on the pipeline.

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s waning popularity has caused her to reveal her true colors, perhaps earlier than she would have if she had been polling well. Her populist façade is showing cracks as she is clearly demonstrating for all to see that she simply does not care about the interests of regular Americans. She is a Wall Street crony, through and through, and her public begging for money from America’s elites is making it impossible for her to hide that fact.

America simply cannot cope with another four years under a president who cares about nothing other than making Wall Street happy. We need leadership that will work hard to fix our problems and who will listen to and address the concerns of regular, everyday Americans. Voting for a nominee from one of the two major parties, like Hillary Clinton, guarantees that the elites will continue looting America. We need an independent candidate with the courage to stand up to Wall Street and say, “ENOUGH.” Please join me in 2016 by casting your write-in vote for me, Art Drew, for President of the United States.