Clinton’s Email

There is currently only one name being spoken about as a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for President in 2016. Hillary Clinton, former First Lady and wife of former President Bill Clinton has been the only serious contender for the Democratic nomination since campaigning started last year. The press has mentioned a few other Democrats who may be considering running, but for the most part the media has been acting as if Clinton has already received the nomination and is running a full Presidential campaign.

However, what has Clinton done to earn this nomination? Her acclaim seems to be based solely on her name, which explains why she is still the only real contender for the Democratic nomination despite the facts that have recently come to light that should disqualify her from serving as President. It has been revealed that when Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State under President Obama, she used a private email server to conduct official State Department business. This “” email server, in contrast to the secure servers that taxpayers spend millions to protect from spies and foreign governments, offered absolutely no security beyond what you or I have on our private email accounts.

Former National Security Agency counterintelligence officer, John Schindler, called these revelations about Clinton’s disregard for national security “a counterintelligence disaster of truly epic proportions.” This server was extremely vulnerable to intrusions from foreign intelligence agencies. Schindler continued, “By using her own private server with email – which we now know was wholly unencrypted for the first three months of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State – she left this easily interceptable by any decent 21st century SIGINT [signal intelligence] service. The name Clinton right on the email handle meant this was not a difficult find. We should assume Russians, Chinese and others were seeing this.”

The Russians, Chinese, and our other enemies may have those emails, but the American people will never have access to them. Clinton handed over roughly 30,000 work-related emails to the State Department to review, but she also deleted the same amount to prevent them from being read, claiming that they were “personal in nature.” This is clearly not a judgment she should have made – the proper officials should have had access to all of her emails so they could determine what was or was not important and what information may have been compromised. Hillary Clinton’s complete disregard for national security and for proper processes is utterly disgraceful.

It’s hard to imagine that a political party would support a candidate who is embroiled in a scandal of this magnitude before the campaign has even truly begun. Hard to imagine for any candidate whose last name isn’t Clinton, that is. This whole debacle with the private email account is simply proving the point that the only reason Hillary Clinton is being taken seriously as a candidate is her connection to a former President. In Washington, DC, who you know clearly matters more than what you know.

With Hillary Clinton as the only serious contender for the Democratic nomination and Jeb Bush as the apparent frontrunner for the Republican nomination, we are gearing up for a Presidential election that illustrates how well the elites have conspired to keep most Americans out of politics. Voting for either of these candidates just confirms that the elites should feel entitled to controlling America and all of our lives. We need to put an end to this Demo-Republican system by rejecting both of their candidates. If you are looking for a candidate who is outside of this nepotistic and corrupt political regime, one who will work to fix our problems instead of focusing on collecting power and money, I urge you to join me by casting your write-in vote for Art Drew in the 2016 Presidential election.