Do Your Research: Choose the Credible Candidate


A quick google search defines “credibility” as:

1. The quality of being trusted and believed in.
2. The quality of being convincing or believable.

A great presidential candidate has to have a firm understanding of politics, education, economics, and (as we’ve discussed) military strategies, but they also need to be credible. Most campaigns are spectacles of lying and conniving politicians but, this one in particular, has been demonstrative of the reason why people believe politicians and the 1% can’t be trusted.

Both the Democratic and Republican choices have been proven to be disgusting human beings and even worse politicians. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are, arguably, two of the most evil people to ever run for office and they both happen to be running for President. At the same time.

Throughout this campaign we have referred to Hillary’s email scandal in which she has historically claimed ignorance.

In recent weeks however, her emails have been released through the popular leak site and it has been objectively proven that during her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton did in fact sell access to high level government officials and information for large sums of money. She is almost certainly indirectly or directly responsible for numerous attacks and affronts against American interests abroad and at home.

This fact combined with her history of wish-wash fact and opinion changing makes her credibility absolutely zero at the moment (although it was never great to begin with).

If you feel like you can still trust that smile, you should stop reading now.

Donald Trump is an entirely different, richer but equally snobbish animal. The way he treats people and the awful things he has done, both to this country and the people who live in it, makes reading about his success in this election a terrifying experience.

He has made racist and hateful comments throughout his career (and especially throughout this campaign), and he has a more than 80% frequency of lying whenever he moves his mouth. It is also prudent to remember that his current campaign manager is an open white supremacist. This should seriously harm his credibility – and it does with those of us who aren’t racist. But I believe many of the rest of you will be convinced when you take a closer look at his finances.

Trump claims to have over 10 billion dollars to his name but financial news sources claim that he is exaggerating to the tune of 6 or 7 billion. That’s still a lot of money.

How does he do it? Considering that most of Trump’s businesses are catastrophic failures, like Trump Steak, it doesn’t make sense that he is a world-leading billionaire businessman. The fact is that if he lived anywhere else – he couldn’t be.

What Trump does is abuse our country and our laws to, essentially, steal from taxpayers. He purchases property and builds casinos that rack up insane amounts of debt and then declares bankruptcy, legally cancels his debt, and then later sells the property. Ultimately, he’s been making insane profits off of your dime for decades.

This type of person isn’t credible, he’s slimy. He isn’t the type of person you would buy a t-shirt from, why should you elect him President of the United States?

I served in the military during one of our nation’s hardest times, Vietnam, and I have a history of consistency both in my views and in my actions. I have run a successful business without having to resort to fraudulent activities, and I have raised a family based on a philosophy of faith, honesty, and hard work.

When you are electing your president, you need to choose someone who has a firm understanding of politics, education, economics, and military strategies, but they also need to be credible. When you go to the ballot box, cast your vote for Art Drew, the credible candidate.