Medical Certifcation Division – Medical Certifcate First Class

Rep Michelle Brooks Appreciation Letter


Statement of Competency – Jan 21 1971

Statement of Competency – July 13 1970

Statement of Competency – Nov 13 1969

15 Year Certificate of Achievment

AOPA Flight Refresher Course

Flight School Diploma – Certified Flight Instructor

Flight School Diploma – Certified Instrument Flight Instructor

Flight School Diploma – Multi Engine

G&L – Machine Electrical Service School Diploma

GE Certificate – Computer Numerical Control

GE Certificate – Numerical Control Fundamentals

GE Certificate – Solid State Fundamentals

USAF Certificate of Training 1

USAF Certificate of Training 2

USDOT – Aviation Crop Dusting Cerfiicate

Airport License

Art Drew Meadville Air Operations

Art Drew Scans

Aviation Certification

Business Stationary & Logo

Certifcates of Appreciation 1

Certifcates of Appreciation 2

Certifcates of Appreciation 3

Certifcates of Appreciation 4

Certifcates of Appreciation 5

Certifcates of Appreciation 6

Certifcates of Appreciation 7

Certifcates of Appreciation 8

Certifcates of Appreciation

Charter Service Flight School

Commercial Operator’s License

Current FAA License

Honorable Discharge

Military Achievements

Military Uniformed Beginning Days 2

Commercial Operator’s License

Military Uniformed Beginning Days

Newspaper Art Drew Opens Flight School

PA State Barber License

VFW Award

Yellow Page Adverts Twin Engine Charter

Yellow Pages Adverts Drew’s Air Service