Fiscal Priorities

Charity begins at home! It seems that the attorneys and career politicians in Washington have forgotten this simple truth. America gives away tens of billions of dollars in foreign aid every single year, with most of this money being invested in countries where the citizens hate America and would treasure the opportunity to kill Americans and destroy our society. At the same time, Americans are struggling all over the country to afford childcare, to put food on the table, and to pay for their children’s educations, while cities and states are struggling to maintain roads, power lines, bridges, and other basic infrastructure. We need a complete overhaul of our federal budget, and the first step towards that goal is a total change in the federal leadership structure of our nation.

It is no secret that America seems to be falling apart. While the super-rich grow ever richer, the average American is fighting to make ends meet. Police departments are under siege as officers are attacked and politicians refuse to support them. The basic infrastructure that Americans rely on to get to work and school is crumbling around us. Schools are unable to afford to buy new textbooks for students, and municipal governments across the country are unable to afford to keep their streetlights lit. It is difficult not to think that there is some kind of organized plan at the highest level of government to destroy America from the inside. After all, the President and the Congress that supports him seem to think we have plenty of money to donate to terrorists and the countries that support them, but no money to help struggling Americans and their communities.

We need to radically change the financial priorities of this government. We need a government and leaders who can recognize that American tax dollars need to go to help Americans before we ship them off to prop up dictators and America’s enemies in other parts of the world. There are so many aspects of American society that desperately require additional funding and more resources. When the only priorities of the politicians in Washington seem to be to send money to support America’s enemies in other countries and to help their friends on Wall Street rake in record profits while the rest of America is still reeling from the recession, it is clear that our government’s current leaders have a hidden agenda, and it is not one that helps our country or the average American.

It is difficult to say exactly what Washington is hoping to accomplish. Whether they are shortsightedly working to make a quick buck for their megarich Wall Street masters and ignoring the consequences of their actions or they are consciously working to destroy America, the results are the same. America has suffered for decades under the leadership of men and women who have worked hard to transfer wealth from the American middle class and working class to the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans and to dictators and terrorists in other countries. This is not a situation we can allow to continue.

We need to clean out all of the politicians and attorneys that are currently using their power to hurt our country, starting with the president and working our way down through Congress. That is why I am running for President in 2016. America needs leadership who is willing to get their hands dirty to fix our problems and who will stand up to the crooks and cronies of Wall Street. If you agree that America is worth saving, I urge you to cast your write-in vote for Art Drew for President in 2016.