Iran Talks

On Tuesday of this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel addressed Congress on the subject of Iran. American diplomats, including Secretary of State John Kerry, have been engaged in negotiations with Iran over Iran’s desire to develop nuclear energy and, many believe, nuclear weapons. President Obama’s government is trying to find a way to lift the sanctions on Iran, and allow Iran to join the international community, while still guaranteeing that Iran will not possess the ability to acquire nuclear weapons.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, in his speech before Congress, declared that the US is preparing to make concessions to Iran that will empower that country to seriously destabilize the world and threaten its neighbors, namely Israel. In his speech, Netanyahu declared that “The days when Jewish people remained passive in the face of genocidal enemies are over. Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand.” Over and over again, Netanyahu and certain members of the US Congress have declared that if Iran ever acquires nuclear weapons, they will inevitably use them in a war of aggression against Israel.

The only problem with this statement is that it is a complete fantasy. While there is no doubt in my mind, or the mind of any experts on Iran and Middle Eastern politics, that the government of Iran would love to obtain nuclear weapons, the idea that they would use them in an unprovoked attack on Israel, the United States, or any of our allies is absolutely absurd. Israel, itself a nuclear-armed nation, possesses what is known as second-strike nuclear capability – designed specifically to deter this kind of attack. Even in the event of a surprise nuclear attack, Israel would still be capable of nuclear retaliation and Iran would be utterly destroyed. In the unlikely event that Israel was unable to respond, America would treat a nuclear attack on Israel as if they had attacked the United States, and Iran would not survive.

Despite the bizarre and self-serving propaganda offered up by certain politicians, the leaders of Iran are not suicidal, nor are they fatally foolish. They want nuclear weapons for the same reason that other countries want nuclear weapons – as a deterrent against aggressive actions from other countries. If they possessed nuclear weapons, they would likely become more active in the Middle East, offering more open support for anti-Israel terrorists and for Shia militant groups throughout the region, because the threat of invasion would be reduced. However, Iran would be no more likely to launch a nuclear attack against Israel than America is – that is to say, the chance is virtually nil.

Despite the fact that all experts on the region agree that Iran would never launch such an attack, Israeli and American politicians have been repeating this lie for decades. Why? A significant clue into their motivations is revealed in the circumstances of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Generally, the White House invites visiting heads of state to address Congress. However, in this case, rather than receiving an invitation from the president’s office, it was House Majority Leader John Boehner who invited Netanyahu, against the wishes of President Obama.

This far-fetched fear mongering is simply political maneuvering. Once again, the Republicans in Congress are trying to stir up fear among the American public in order to manipulate them into ignoring the real problems facing our country. It helps Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is facing an election in Israel later this month, and it helps John Boehner and his House Republicans because it distracts from the way that they have been mismanaging Congress and misgoverning our country. If you are as sick of these deceptions and misdirections as I am, I urge you to unite with me in 2016 in showing these frauds the door. Cast your write-in vote for Art Drew for President in 2016.