World Security and our Veterans – 9/10/2016

It is true that the prevailing policy of a “hand out in place of a hand up” for poor citizens and minorities has caused a significant loss in stability and security in many ways through America. These losses will prove to be insignificant in comparison to America losing her sovereignty by being overthrown by another entity. Much of this problem began when a small group of Insider Elitists went out of the country and found a third generation anti-colonialist (anti-American) to nurture, groom, and tutor with intentions of bringing the individual to America with plans to put him into the White House by first introducing him to America through a short term in Congress. From the beginning of President Obama’s first administration, his list of anti- American activities began to lengthen, and continues to grow throughout his term in the White House. As information continues to trickle in; insiders accepting huge donations from anybody with money, and people like Gorge Soros, a major Democratic party contributor pushing for world-wide open borders.

Could it be that all the bad press Secretary Clinton has been receiving for her failures (lack of accomplishments) in the last 40 years is a result of her calculated and planned “losses by design”? If her losses are planned, it would show her sincere dedication to our nation’s enemies by covert agreed plans for pay. If Clinton`s losses, (areas of no success ), were not planned, she would have had successful results from time to time with having talented and skilled advisors available to her. For all intent and purposes, why Clinton`s success record with all her available expert talented advisors, effectively zero? Looks like another version of “pay for play”, instead of taking action she is simply looking the other way for pay. Clinton has a history of being “easy”, and there are numerous records of countries making donations to the Clinton Foundation, and before the Clinton Foundation as we know it today was formed, there were Swiss Accounts etc.

Ongoing world events raising questions about our national security (questions about our military readiness are just another item on Obama’s list of anti-American activities to break down America from within). Putin is on the move. Why? Russia has been proving they are in our computers by breaking into USIS, breaks into Social Security records, Democratic Convention computer break-ins and, more recently, the Clinton Foundation’s computer break in. How deep is Russia into our military computers, and how much does Russia know about the lack of readiness of America’s nuclear deterrents? What is the real combined threat of Russian military, and other countries aligned with Russia, against America during these questionable times? What are the military possibilities between now and January 2017? What have our Congress, and our Congressional Military overseers been doing for the past decade?

There isn`t a presidential nominee – Republican or Democrat – with appropriate character to be our President!
We have laws against cruelty to animals. At the same time we have more than twenty military combatants committing suicide daily while on duty because they have been classified as “unfit for duty” and given a container of pills and told to wait for a date to start treatment. As one of these combatants awaiting treatment told me, “[He] can’t relax unless he has a family pet on his lap”, and in some case there are children and spouses at risk in the house where there is a patient awaiting treatment, and this is the way that this administration, and our Congress has been abusing our combatants and risking the safety of their family members. What has Obama been doing to our combatants to create this problem?

Quote from President Kennedy: “Things don`t just happen, you must make them happen”.

Do the voters have the courage to vote for someone who hasn`t had the media hype that Trump, and Clinton have received, and would the voters be afraid to vote for someone with a clean record like myself?


No Open Borders – 8/25/2016

Our country has turned into a place where leaving your home for a jog for a few minutes may be the last thing we do before we are raped, murdered, and our body is burned beyond recognition. This week (8th of Aug 2016) two unrelated but nearby female joggers in their early 20s were brutally murdered in a rural area, where people think they are safe from the inner city`s crime world. One must conclude that those of us who are not armed are truly unsafe most anywhere in this country, even in places we recently thought of as “rural”. We must now accept the reality that we are now truly unsafe anywhere in America. And now the Elitists want to take what little protection we have remaining away from the law abiding people. If the Elitists have their way it will be illegal to carry a weapon for our own protection. It has been reported that the Insider Elitists are proposing a 500% increase in Illegals infiltrating our country. Figure that one out!! It goes without saying that I am opposed to open borders!!
Today it is truly safer to be in a military uniform, deployed, and serving in a foreign country, than walking on the streets of our cities.

The media is supportive of our presidential candidates, and now the nominees with all their baggage and with all the media-published wrong doings of both the GOP, and Democratic candidates? Questions arise about both nominees, and why one of the nominees is not in jail for treason, and the other in jail for tax evasion, bribing public officials, and a list of other felonies?? For a moment, let’s talk about our television industry. Much of our programming comes from re-runs, talk shows, game shows, computer generated shows, etc. (truly low cost overhead). Political spots with computer generated graphics, and animation, these political spots can easily take the place of fillers, old movie reruns, and other syndicated programming that most people would never miss. I for one, and perhaps many others would agree, the real cost for these 30 second political spots is truly very, very, low. Now that everyone knows that the REAL cost to the TV industry is low – contrary to what the TV industry wants everyone to believe. The question is where are all of the MILLIONS of dollars going?? I`m sure the money isn`t falling through the cracks!! The money is being passed around among the media players so that they all will sing the same song! The more prominent the radio talk show host is, the larger slice of the pie goes his way etc. Early in July, Fox News reported Clinton had Spent 100 Million dollars with four months to go in the campaign, how much more will Clinton spend in the next four months (an update on 13th Aug 16, estimates the campaign will exceed 1 billion). How much did the other sixteen GOP candidates spend? With all the foreign country’s donations to the Clinton Foundation, Clinton is buying her way in, and the media is in on the take. Anyone that can make noise in the media (NY Times, etc.) is getting a slice of the pie, so everyone will sing the same song. Over a year ago, reporters at Fox said “The Fix is in”. Why do you think Trump is saying RIGGED??
the streets of our city`s.


Violence Deterrent Strategy – 7/7/16

To prevent large run away killings in public schools, public places, and government buildings, we need to accept that the FBI and police departments are – while effective at apprehending criminals – are ineffective at actually preventing the crimes from occurring. Teachers are often present when these crimes occur and are unable to do anything to prevent their students and colleagues from facing mortal peril. Why not select individual teachers to be checked out, and certified to carry a small-caliber, concealed weapon that only the school’s administrator knows about. The teachers that are armed and certified would be compensated to offset monthly re-certification expenses. The word would soon get around the schools are prepared, and ready at that point, with a deterrent in place.

Some examples of where a plan like this might be prudent are:

  • Social clubs like Pulse, in Orland, where 49 died and many more are still recovering. With a strategy similar to the school program, this club would have had a deterrent.
  • Sport arenas could also place some of their ushers into a similar program. This would ensure an effective deterrent program exists.


If all major sporting and social events implemented this strategy, the world would know that the United States has effective measures in place to prevent violence from happening. $3 to 5 per hour is a small price to pay for a deterrent that works.

Some of the direct benefits of this program would be that:

  • Those who wants to disarm American citizens, as well as the media, will be opposed, for without these frequent shooting, the arguments to take away American firearms will take a step back.
  • Quicker response times to major gun violence. The recent shooting in Orlando took over three hours from start to finish. This is absolutely inexcusable.


As our Deterrent Strategy is established, adjustments can be made to the details but we cannot allow for anymore 3 hour shooting rampages, whether they are in a school or a nightclub.


Flat Tax and Tax Exemptions – 5/16/16

I will give incentives to build new manufacturing factories to replace World War II structures.

No more loans from communist China, we do not need China drilling in our National Parks.

Electrical power will be at an all-time low cost for manufacturing, and residential consumption provided through nuclear energy under military control. We have the technology, and resources. Special interests, KNOCK OFF THE BULL!

Vehicles will be electric with a few exceptions. They are significantly less expensive to purchase and operate than present vehicles, AND WITH THIS CHANGE WE CAN CREATE A SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION OF GLOBAL WARMING! TIME IS LONG OVERDUE TO PUT A MILITARY PERSON WITH A TECHNICAL BACKGROUND IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

It`s time to put the ratchet jaws and flimflam boys (attorneys, businessmen set up by the father) in the club house, and away from the White House where they can continue to enjoy listening to their own voices. Away from decisions, and policy making where they cannot continue creating problems they`re not up to solving. Abortion, open borders, continually promoting squabbles between tribes (country’s) of camel drivers in the Middle East, where the clubhouse boys are trying to handle or control the camel drivers’ oil, ongoing fatalities in Korea, Korea threatening the world with rockets, etc. I WOULD SAY THE CLUB HOUSE BOYS, and their ATTORNEYS ARE LOOSING IT. It`s bad when even Putin can see our weaknesses. Has anyone mentioned, or reminded President Obama, that our deterrents, delivery systems, and payloads require ongoing maintenance? Has the government borrowed enough money from China to maintain our deterrents?

Question: What is a deterrent and how do they work, and will they work if needed? And now that Obama wants our military not to be military like, but our military to be more like a social organization, and our daughters are now to be deployed into full combat environments, do we need another attorney, or playboy in the White House?

Time is long overdue for our country’s decisions, and policies to be made in the White House and not in the clubhouse!


North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – 5/16/16

North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) became into effect January 1, 1994. NAFTA has two supplements: the North America Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) and the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation (NAALC).

The word free in NAFTA should have turned on the red light for all to see. Wall Street wanted International Free Trade. With the implementation of NAFTA, jobs that were supporting families were being lost. People in the trenches knew they were in trouble knowing there is no free lunches.

The President, and Congress knew at the time of NAFTA implementation what the far reaching, and devastating economic impact this agreement would have on the families of the middle class. The President, and lawmakers also knew about the “windfall profits” the elitists (1%`s) would receive, and yet continued with NAFTA anyway, knowing the devastating effect NAFTA would have on the middle class. With this in mind, how can the Insiders be surprised at the “angry voter push back” seen lately by voter reactions. Now, with all the talk of bringing back jobs, and all the push back of the Insiders to maintain the status quo, none of the presidential candidates are saying anything about removing NAFTA. Why? No one is suggesting increasing taxes on the rich. Would these factors also suggest that these presidential candidates are Insiders, including Trump?

As President, I will remove NAFTA until our country is in the black. We will cease imports, if we don`t have a disposable item, WE WILL MAKE IT, or do without it. Medical equipment is the only exception. Keep our money at home, and let China keep their money.


Border Control – 5/3/16

Border control “Is a Must”, and should be accomplished ASAP, and will not be accomplished with a wall ( 20 ft high ) as long as there is rope, and or a shovel around. A wall in it`s self was demonstrated by a short film clip by Fox News, showing two people with back packs, and a rope having no problem going over a 20 ft wall. A 20 Billion Dollar Wall will only make already rich contractors, friend of the president even richer with “No positive Border Control”. A much less expensive wall with a more traditional security fence, with a combination of other tools used in security, would be a much more cost effective solution to maintaining positive control of our border. The expensive, and non effective 20 billion dollar wall is just one more example of people without time, and experiences gained by serving in the military, don`t have the background and knowledge to be the best choice to serve as the Commander and Chief, to be responsible for our country security. Our military can write the book on perimeter ( border ) security. With the 99.5 % of the people in our country, including our Media not having serving for a appreciable time in the military, would explain why the horrendous inexcusable track record left behind by people like President Truman, responsible for the Cold War, and the Korean Conflict, and the on going military casualties in Korea that are not being reported to the public, and the recent warnings of a potential nuclear threat by Korea to the world is inexcusable, all brought on by the faceless Multi Billionaires behind the Sean`s Micro-Managing our White House, and Congress, and with a President in the White House, and members of Congress without military experience. And today look at the Clinton security issues by a non military oriented person. How can the security of this country be trusted in the hands of a non military oriented person like Hillery Clinton?


The Micro-Managers – 5/3/16

Micro-Managers with their out of control greed for money, and power must be identified, and declawed. Mic-Mgrs are responsible for the present open border problems, to initially put down unions and to create low labor, and benefit costs. Contrary to what the presidential candidates are saying about when the start of level wages started, with no cost of living index adjustments, the level wage trend started in the 70`s. Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, and now a public speaker on American`s widening income gap. A copy of Mr Reich`s, “Inequality for All” DVD can be received from Amazon. Mr Reich says ” Inequality for All” got started in the early 70`s.


Presidential Candidates are “Insiders” – 5/3/16

All candidates are “Insiders” with me as the only “Outsider”, and I am the only candidate with a military background, and with Honors. This election of ours referred to as being “Rigged” by some, with Super Delegates, and different rules created by every state. A lady on Fox News, a Contributor said with confidence, ” The job of the Democrat and Republic parties is to pick the candidates because the voters do not know what they want”. When the election process is over, and the dust settles, the Micro-Managers will be pleased with the winner from either party, as the winner will be a insider the Micro-Manager will have control over, so as to be able to carry on the tradition that has been in effect since the Gorge Washington days.