No More Needless Violence


There are many symptoms of a weak leader, from economic downturn and international conflict, to violent civil disruptions. Throughout the tenure of Barrack Obama we have seen each of these in spades and with the continued support of weak, absurd, and xenophobic candidates, it seems that there is no end in sight. Obama’s presidency has seen the conflict in the Middle East expand and grow to world threatening proportions, and the citizens of America have watched their great nation become a virtual laughing stock on the world stage.

This progression of discord among nations has recently been exacerbated by a significant uptick in non-military violence. The civilians of our nation, and those of other first world countries, have become so upset with their lack of strong leadership and excess of unnecessary global conflict that many have taken to extreme measures that can – and have – resulted in incredibly brutal acts of violence.

There have been several awful tragedies in the recent months, one of which even occurred on our own soil. The shooting in Orlando was a horrible massacre that should never have been repeated but instead of being followed by tidings of peace it was followed by several other monstrous atrocities in other countries.

The attack at the Pulse club in Orlando was conducted by a terrorist who even went so far as to pronounce his deeds for ISIS before conducting the worst shooting in United States history. The man yelled his allegiance and even said that the reason for the murders was American intervention in the Middle East.

Did Barrack Obama call him a terrorist?

No. He didn’t. He refused to acknowledge this blatant act of terrorism for what it really is.

This should be raising questions, not just for me, but for each and every person sitting at home reading this article. President Obama is tacitly supporting these acts by refusing to admonish them as the brutal acts of terroristic violence that they are. More than 50 people died that day because a man decided to pledge his life to ISIS and kill people that violated his family’s way of life.

But Obama doesn’t think he’s a terrorist.

Neither does Hillary.

This kind of pussyfooting is the reason these attacks continue to happen. France has been struck, Belgium has been struck. We have been struck.

Our refusal to denounce these actions as acts of terrorism, and our inability to respond in kind has encouraged more of these psychopaths to take up arms against us.

What we need now is a leader who is willing to do what it takes to prevent this kind of atrocity from ever hitting home again. The appropriate response to a violent terrorist act is not to give a speech. It is to respond swiftly and effectively with a great act of force. We are a leading power in the world, and it is time that ISIS and its kin learned what that means first hand. When I am elected president, I promise that will become the norm. Vote for Art Drew and a safer America.