The Headlines

There are three words thrown around a lot in close races like this, especially when people start talking about “spoiler candidates”. Those words are “two-party system”. The majority of our country believes that there are only two functional parties in our country – and for the most part they’re right. But the heart of the problem doesn’t lie where you might think.

Every year, news stations like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC choose to cover two candidate options. Hundreds of people run for the presidency each year. Many incredible candidates with clean records and both military and business pedigrees are passed over by the media because they are unaffiliated with either of the two most powerful parties.

Despite the fact that we have a Libertarian party, a Green party, a Constitution party, and countless independent candidates – people feel that if they don’t vote for a Democrat or a Republican they are wasting their vote.

In this election people often claim that voting for someone other than Hillary Clinton will spoil the election and hand it to Donald. Trump supporters say the same.

But they aren’t responsible for making decisions for you.  As an American you have the right to vote for whoever you want, but if you don’t vote for the candidate that you truly believe is best for your country, then you have let your country down. As a citizen participating in a democracy you have the responsibility to research each candidate’s policies and backgrounds and vote for what you believe is right.

In a real democracy, third parties have a fighting chance. Most of the happiest countries in the world (and by far the truest democracies) like Norway, Germany, Sweden, and Finland have functional multi-party governments. It can be done but first we have to stand together and vote against the system as a people.

We need to elect a candidate who isn’t a Democrat. We need to elect a candidate who isn’t a Republican. For too long we have let these absurdly powerful parties rule our system and drive it into the ground for their own personal gain. If I am elected, I promise to limit the wages of politicians and help third parties finally gain the foothold they so sorely need.

When you go to the voting booths on Tuesday, cast your write in vote for Arthur Drew and elect a candidate that will bring the change we deserve.