Once, We Went to the Moon

The United States has ever been a beacon of strength, resolve, and determination. We are the guiding light of the developing world and we gained that reputation through our incredible military might, our world leading academic minds, and our drive for perfection.

When Kennedy made his famous speech in September of ’62 he challenged us to reach even greater heights and attempt even more spectacular feats of human ingenuity. With the looming threat of Soviet dominance, JFK pushed us to do better for ourselves and for the world.

We responded by putting our noses to the grind stone; we built rockets; we put men on the moon.

Before Kennedy’s tenure as the Leader of the Free World was brought to a tragic end, we saw incredible things. Beyond massive boons to the space sciences, his ability to properly interpret and work with his military advisors saw the safe resolution of the potentially catastrophic Cuban Missile Crisis. His speeches also drove the civil
rights movement to remove segregation laws, although he unfortunately didn’t live to see his success.

Since the assassination of one of the greatest Presidents in our nation’s storied history, we have seen our government’s highest office tainted by corruption, aggression, and dishonesty. Shortly after Kennedy, we were faced with a line of men like Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and the Bush family. Is it any wonder we aren’t taken seriously anymore on the world stage? It has been nearly 60 years since we have had a legitimately good man in office who really understood what it takes to get the job done.

Nothing has changed in this election – our choices are between a perpetually side shifting liar and a businessman who’s every company (except the one he inherited from his father) has either failed miserably or brought about lawsuits.

Right now, there is incredible turmoil in the Middle East and our country is inextricably tied to it; we are still fighting a very real battle against recession; we are also facing major political upheaval as this election continues to unfold.

It may sound bad but there is still hope. Hope lies in your write-in-vote.

I have the military experience necessary to guide us through any potentially serious military confrontations, as well as the information and experience to run a business both during a thriving economy and a suffering one. I promise that, when elected, I will not only provide the firm hand our country needs to navigate any military conflict but I will implement economic strategies to boost our struggling businesses.

When you go to the voting booth, don’t be afraid. Cast your write-in-vote for Arthur Drew and help your America become a better place.