Seven Americas


This has been the most diverse presidential election in history. An African-American ran, a woman is still running, a business man won super Tuesday, and a socialist, a Cuban and a Canadian still have fighting chances. Each of the incumbent candidates has a significantly different platform and the next four years can go many different ways.

Today we will identify how our great country will change, for better or worse, under the leadership of the nominees. Today we will be looking at six different Americas.

The first potential future we will examine is very similar to the world as you know it. Obamacare is still intact – but not because the administration wanted universal healthcare. Obamacare still exists because the president was too weak to repeal it. That weakness has been a golden goose for our allies, though, laying gilded eggs for any leader strong enough to take advantage of our frail administration. The only thing standing in the way of foreign diplomats exploiting our shaky, young, Republican Commander-in-Chief is tee time (he spends half the year on vacation). Most people aren’t very concerned though – he won’t run again. The presidency was too much work for Marco Rubio.

Our second universe consists of an America that has loosened the responsibilities of her citizens but shackled corporations. Their chains, however, were not bolted to the floor. Most business headquarters have simply moved to China and Saudi Arabia, where the tax rates are more reasonable. Little else has changed, and despite the expectation of drastic government overhauls, congress doesn’t like this president. Those who were politically informed knew already, though, that an independent like Bernie Sanders would be blocked at every turn.

Universe number three sees a Bush-like administration controlled by the unseen. With a figurehead who would do anything to get into office, and even more to retain the position, we have seen an administration run contrary to nearly every aspect of its platform. Corporations like Haliburton have returned to dominate the White House (and every other house) through their deep pockets, and influence. We have seen increased protection of Wall Street interests, even though this president promised less favorable treatment of large banking corporations. Many are frustrated by Hillary’s inconsistency, but as a former First Lady, she learned politics from the best, and the people who matter love her almost as much as she loves their money.

The next universe is a little bit darker than the previous ones but not as dark as left wingers thought it would be. What seemed to be hints of racism, and xenophobia, turned out to be, largely, political posturing and little has really changed. NASA has changed its name to OSEA (Outer Space Exploration Agency) in response to massive budget cuts and has dropped all pretense of studying earth sciences. Most orbital satellites have been repurposed or decommissioned. The NSA no longer has to hide its data collection, and a new division has been created to remove (or eliminate) “undesirables”. Ted Cruz’s presidency isn’t as bad as it could have been, but needless to say, the rest of the world looks on us with distain.

The setting of universe six is the most frightening. America has been completely whitewashed. Immigrants from Muslim countries are only welcomed after formally denouncing Islam, and the economy has collapsed. We went bankrupt because we were told it would help us financially, but China won’t let us out of its pocket. Most of the problems are superficial, and plans have been drawn to eliminate them, but partisan riots won’t let them be brought to fruition. Congressmen would fight back, but they are afraid that mobs of rabid Trump supporters may harm them or their families.

Finally, we have an America that has redeemed itself in her own eyes, and the eyes of our allies. Wall Street business are taxed more, but chose to stay because they were granted incentives. Democrats and Republicans are begrudgingly working together under this administration’s strong leadership, and the gap between the parties has closed enough for open, and relevant dialogue. There are accountability systems in place for politicians, and lobbyists and we are, again, viewed as world leaders in economic and political advancement. President Art Drew uses his military background, and blue collar upbringing to lead an America that is once again strong and influential, without being corrupt and overzealous.