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Bush Criticizes Obama

Last Saturday, former President George W. Bush attended a fundraising event for the presidential campaign of his brother, Jeb Bush, at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. At this meeting, former President Bush delivered a series of harsh criticisms of his successor Barack Obama’s record in the Middle East. Wealthy donors from the Republican Jewish […]

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Treason in Congress?

This week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel was reelected in a surprise landslide victory. Israeli pollsters were predicting his right wing Likud party would come in second place to the centrist Zionist Union party, and are crediting his surprise victory with a blitz of media appearances he made in the final days before the […]

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Iran Talks

On Tuesday of this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel addressed Congress on the subject of Iran. American diplomats, including Secretary of State John Kerry, have been engaged in negotiations with Iran over Iran’s desire to develop nuclear energy and, many believe, nuclear weapons. President Obama’s government is trying to find a way to […]

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