America needs a third party

Americans desperately want change. The voters have been convinced that they must vote for the party that most closely represents their ideas, but both conservative and liberal Americans are losing faith in the Republicans and Democrats. In the last five years there have been mass grassroots political movements on both ends of the political spectrum, with both the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement calling for an end to Big Money in politics and a return to democracy that more effectively represents the people.

At the same time, our country is more sharply divided along political lines than at any point since the Civil War. We argue and bicker and fight each other to get Republicans or Democrats elected, but both parties are nearly identical when they are in power. Democrats hated George W. Bush and were angry about his tax cuts for the rich and the wars he started, so they elected Barack Obama, who continued Bush’s tax cuts for the rich and intensified the wars. Republicans hated Obama and were angry about his Health Care act, so they chose the man who designed that Health Care model, Mitt Romney, to oppose Obama in the next election.

We live in a one party state that is masquerading as a democracy. A healthy democracy requires that voters have meaningful options to choose from, but regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans are in power, the same things will happen: They will promote corporate welfare, they will cut taxes for the rich while the working and middle classes struggle, and they will make it easier and easier for Wall Street to make money at the expense of the rest of us.

American voters need a real alternative to the “Demo-Republican Party.” We need a third party that is not the servant of Wall Street. We need someone who will bring the change that people across our nation so desperately crave, someone who will restore the government to its intended function of representing the citizens of the United States. That is why I am asking Americans to vote for real change in 2016. Vote for a third party. Vote Art Drew.