The Man Who Breaks Banks

For decades, George Soros has been a Voldemorte-esq figure in the financial and political worlds. The center of dozens of dark conspiracy theories and thousands of personal reporting pieces, the only thing about Soros that anybody knows for sure is this:
Nobody knows what George Soros’ motives really are except for George Soros.
Maybe, that is, until now. The Man Who Broke the Bank of England has been more active in the media than ever and, for the first time, the multi-billionaire has given some explicit interviews. In those interviews he has said some (frankly terrifying) things, and it seems that it may be time to invest in a tinfoil hat of your own.
In an interview with the Financial Times, Soros explicitly made clear his intentions. He wants China to supplant America as the new economic world leader. This new financial “world order” would hold its financial reserves mostly in European banks and use Chinese currency as the primary trade currency instead of the United States Dollar. The only road block, in the greedy little eyes of George Soros, is the United States.
“I think this would be the time, because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order — financial world order. They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution. Their share is not commensurate — their voting rights are not commensurate — to their weight. So I think you need a New World Order that China has to be part of the process of creating it, and they have to buy in.”
That is just a brief glimmer into a lengthy interview in which Soros essentially declares that his ideal scenario would be to have the United States “dragging along behind China as the US dollar slowly fails”. This would, of course, allow for the Chinese economy to continue snowballing into the manifest destiny that so many Americans believed was our own. It would be disconcerting to hear a governor or senator say something like that. But not nearly as frightening as when someone like George Soros says it.
The reason we need to be concerned about this kind of radical political ideology coming from someone like Soros is the sheer amount of money that he can throw at any given situation, and the influence he wields over the investment brokers and financial institutions of the world. George Soros, for all the questionable things he’s said, organizations he’s funded, and decisions he’s made – is a brilliant hedge fund manager and when he sets his mind to it, he has proven himself able to bend entire national financial system to his will. He demonstrated that in 1992 when he shorted the British Pound Sterling during the UK Black Wednesday Crisis by recognizing the weak position the United Kingdom held within the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and calculating the absurd inflation rates, earning himself more than a billion dollars.
*Shorting is when an investor accumulates (usually borrowed) stock that they don’t own on the pretense of the market significantly devaluing the price of that stock. The investor then sells those stocks expecting the price devaluation and then after devaluation, they buy the stocks back at the significantly lower price. It is considered high risk investing.*  
He has already used his vast wealth to fund, arguably Un-American, protests repeatedly throughout the last decade – beginning with the Bush presidency. When Bush was serving his first term, Soros pledged to remove him from office. He was so devoted to his goal that he publicly declared it the “central devotion of [his] life… a matter of life and death.”  He donated nearly thirty million dollars to anti-Bush campaigns during Bush’s first term alone.
This extreme left-wing agenda has carried over to the Trump presidency where Soros has funded numerous anti-government protests and demonstrations, some of which have led to violence.  He said that removing Bush from office was an all-consuming goal for him but it now seems that he is set to dedicate far more resources into an assault on the presidency of Donald Trump.
The tactics for his assault on this administration, though, are a lot more personal. Soros bankrolled organizations have hired teams of lawyers to lead dozens of lawsuits against the current administration in an attempt to drown them in a sea of litigation, costing the American people millions of dollars in government  time and resources. He has also funded dozens of organizations, such as his Open Society Foundation that have been responsible for various anti-administration protests including the Anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington, and more unsettlingly, the Berkley riots. Those acts of civil disobedience, again, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax-payer money in police attention, clean-up, and social services like medical attention for victims of the Berkley riot.
One protest group, calling itself “Indivisible” (which is directly sponsored by Soros funded organizations) even went so far as to draft a “protesting how-to” that even includes tips on how to harass members of the house. The group has used its (insane amount of) funding so well that their counter-intuitive guide to protesting has become a sort of call-to-arms manifesto for radicalized Liberals.
The most harm though, was done by a single sentence. Said in an interview in which George Soros was asked what he would say to businesses thinking about coming to the United States. Soros responded “Don’t come here.” Our economy is doing fine, but the repercussions of a hedge fund Hall-of-Famer denouncing his own economy cannot be understated.
Many people question whether or not Soros is a part of various New World Order conspiracies, and he has proven that to be demonstrably true but a larger question we need to be asking ourselves is this:
Should George Soros even be allowed to walk the streets a free man?
I would make the argument that these Soros spearheaded movements border on treasonous, especially his vindictive attacks on the president elect. My understanding is that an attack on the president from another nation is an act of war and an attack on the president by his countrymen is an act of treason. These lawsuits and violent demonstrations absolutely constitute attacks on the president himself, and I believe that our system has shown him far too much restraint. For the sake of democracy, we absolutely cannot allow multi-billionaires to personally fund political vendettas. George Soros is a first world warlord and he must be kept in check. Donald Trump has proven, so far, to be a man of his word, as well as a hardliner against anti-American positions. While the media mysteriously underreports his involvement in all-things-political, I have every hope and expectation that the crimes of George Soros against the United States of America will come to light eventually.