The Real Issues

Despite what this election may have some people thinking, illegal immigration is not one of our nation’s biggest problems. The new leader of the first world will also have to deal with major foreign affairs issues, an economy that is very much tilted (both domestically and internationally), not to mention the various ethical crisis facing us today.

The president elect will need to be able to interface with China in a manner that is inoffensive, yet strong. We are substantially indebted to the Chinese government financially and their positive relationship with our rival countries is worrying to even the most lay observers. Hillary’s leaked emails show that she once threatened China with a bombing strike, which means that she can’t be trusted to guide us through that relationship, and Trump  has accused them of major trade offenses and that could be viewed as antagonistic by some, especially considering the position of strength that China perpetually holds in the modern world.

Right now the UK is restructuring trade deals with the entire world because they have (questionably) voted to leave the European Union. This is another major point of action for the new leader. We must negotiate with England in a manner that will satisfy both the EU and the UK because both are important trading partners. Trump’s lack of appeal in Liberal countries, and Clinton’s backdoor contracts make both of their influences questionable in terms of new trade negotiations.

Internally, our country has been recently bombarded with home grown terrorists who have been radicalized by an increase in hate speech (and action) by both sides. We have seen night clubs shot up and buildings bombed. The people of our country are justifiably afraid, and they need a leader that can make them feel safe again. Hillary is too weak of a person and her policies would leave us with more of the same at the very best and Trump is inexperienced, and unappealing to left leaning societies.

I have the strong, guiding hand that we need in our negotiations with China and the UK. I have the military experience, and troubleshooting expertise to minimize our domestic terrorism crisis. When you go to the voting booths this November, don’t forget to vote for the one candidate who represents a real solution to our nation’s problems. Write your vote in for Arthur Drew. Don’t let the establishment win again.