The Reality of Russia

We often talk about how important this election is in terms of dangerous candidates but there is more to it than a few frightening ideologies. Even more important than their personal philosophies is their ability to interface with our allies and our enemies.

Right now there are several enormous figures looming over the United States and many of them are working together. Russia and China are currently in the process of arranging a response to the American missile shield systems recently installed in South Korea. Russia has also been strengthening their ties with Turkey and Pakistan, creating a strong group of potential enemies for the United States. Of course, as always, the largest risk is Russia.

The previous director of British intelligence super-giant MI6 has said this week that “the situation right now is even worse than it was during the cold war”. Unfortunately though, the average person is unaware of this because of the circus election we are currently trapped in. Russia broadcast a frightening signal today urging Russian citizens to find their nearest bomb shelters and asking them if they were ready for nuclear attack. This drill comes at a time not 24-hours after a top Kremlin propaganda official warned the United States that action against Moscow could result in nuclear consequences.

All of this is intimately intertwined with the terrible job done by our current administration in handling the crisis in Syria. Russia has been accused of war crimes and we have committed questionable bombings on several occasions. This has resulted in sanctions against Russia, and an incredibly heightened threat of nuclear war for both sides.

I can’t emphasize how frightening this is. Putin has already demonstrated his willingness to flaunt international law, and many basic human right considerations. We need to elect a leader that can end this conflict without starting a devastating war. Hillary has already proven that she cannot be trusted with military secrets, and Donald Trump is a famed instigator. We can’t have either of those right now. The world, literally, depends on it.

I urge you, when you go to the polls in November, cast your write in vote for Arthur Drew, an expert problem solver with the military experience to provide a sure resolution to this awful conflict.