Treason in Congress?

This week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel was reelected in a surprise landslide victory. Israeli pollsters were predicting his right wing Likud party would come in second place to the centrist Zionist Union party, and are crediting his surprise victory with a blitz of media appearances he made in the final days before the election. In these interviews, the Prime Minister made two very important statements: He said that he will never allow the formation of a Palestinian state as long as he is the leader of Israel, and he said that Israel needs strong leadership in order to stand up to the United States and Europe who are pushing for peace. He also claimed there was a “worldwide conspiracy” to remove him from power and compromise Israel’s security.

For decades, Israel has been one of America’s closest allies, and our most trusted partner in the Middle East. We are their greatest champion on the world stage, always fighting for their rights at the United Nations and in negotiations with other governments. However, that support has always come with the understanding that Israel would be our partner in our work towards finding a peace agreement in the Middle East. Now, it seems, Prime Minister Netanyahu is seeking to isolate Israel – and if he is truly going to work against finding a two state solution to the Palestinian problem, then it changes the entire nature of our relationship with Israel.

Israel’s attempt to isolate itself from the international community is especially troubling in the context of Netanyahu’s speech before Congress. At the beginning of March, Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before Congress, against the wishes of President Obama. Less than two weeks after speaking in Congress, Netanyahu proclaimed that America is his enemy and that we are part of a conspiracy to attack Israel. This means that the House Republicans under John Boehner have aligned themselves with someone who has declared that he intends to fight America.

This makes last week’s action by Republican senators even more baffling. 47 United States senators signed a letter written by Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas warning the government of Iran that any agreement they reached with our government and our allies would be invalidated in 2016 when a new president is elected. This was a blatant attempt to undermine the foreign policy efforts of our country, which is a responsibility that constitutionally falls to the president. The letter sparked outrage throughout America and among our allies, with many people calling the letter treasonous.

This leaves us with the absurd situation of the House of Representatives supporting Israel and the Senate supporting Iran, two countries that hate each other. The only thing that unites these two countries is that they are both working against American interests. Somehow, we have ended up in a situation where our government is actually working actively against itself. It is debatable whether or not these politicians have actually committed treason, but there is no doubt that their actions have been definitively un-American.

Our system has gotten completely out of control. When our elected representatives in Congress are openly working against American interests, we have reached a true low point in the history of our nation. We need to clean house in the American political system, from top to bottom. We need a strong leader who can take charge, and lead America back to the right path, one who will work to solve problems instead of conspiring to create new ones. That’s why I am throwing my hat into the ring. If you are sick of seeing these attorneys and Wall Street pawns drive our country into the ground, I urge you to cast your write-in vote for me, Art Drew, in the 2016 Presidential Election.