What Happened to the American Dream

The founding fathers pictured a very different America. When the constitution was signed the vision was of a minimalist government that would allow its people maximum freedom. Somewhere along the road of progress we have lost our way.

The general happiness of American citizens is at an all-time low but there are those alive today who remember better times. There have always been hardships but despite those hardships we showed that we were a people capable of uniting to overcome any obstacle. And we have overcome obstacles. We have tackled world conquering dictators, brought freedom to countries that deserved it, and broke the boundaries of earth and space – forever expanding the potential for all of humanity.

When I look at us now I see a nation divided – furious at the corruption of its electoral system, and outraged by the tyranny of an overwhelmingly wealthy elite. We are at odds with ourselves and many of us have chosen to seek out extreme measures to resolve the situation.

We must remain reasonable and rational. Voting out of fear or anger is not the path to a successful democracy. People like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton prey on the fears, and vexations of the common American but this was not always the way. Presidents like JFK, Roosevelt, and Washington were able to calmly, intelligently, and powerfully express themselves and they were able to work well with their contemporaries – a trait lost in many of today’s politicians.

Even congress has become a congested, nearly useless addition to our government. As long as Democrats and Republicans refuse to work together, no further progress can be made. Politicians and voters each need to remember that without dialogue, and a willingness to listen, we will remain stagnant forever.

Voting for a candidate that refuses to work with the opposition is a vote against the democratic process. Trump is new to the game, and we have yet to see how he’ll play with others on the political scale, and Hillary’s history of playing with others has been all over Wikileaks lately (if you haven’t heard, it isn’t good).

If I am elected, I would work closely with my opposition in order to satisfy the greatest amount of people. I urge you, when you go to the voting booths in November – cast your write in vote for Arthur Drew, the candidate with the best interests of our country in mind. Democracy works best when we work together, I promise to remind us of that.