Arthur Drew was born in a rural farming and industrial community in Pennsylvania. Art has been working hard his entire life, starting with his time coming up through Pennsylvania’s public school system. After finishing school, he briefly became a barber before joining the United States Air Force. Art attended college while serving with the Air Force in Washington State, before being deployed to Vietnam with the Air Force from 1965 to 1966.

After his tour with the Air Force, Art maintained his passion for flying and worked as a commercial pilot, as well as owning and operating his own Charter Air Service and flight school. Eventually, he reduced his aviation activities to focus on a new business, an electrical service company focused on industrial manufacturing. This business was the beginning of a career that lasted over 20 years, servicing electrical and manufacturing equipment throughout the United States and internationally.

Soon after returning from Vietnam and finishing his tour with the Air Force, Art taught public school for one year in Meadville, PA. Around the same time, he met a public school music teacher named Cheryl. It wasn’t long before Art and Cheryl were starting a family. All three of their children are now grown, with families of their own, and Arthur is turning his attention to new things. He wants to take the same work ethic and devotion to getting things done that he has used throughout his whole life to a bigger stage. Arthur Drew is ready to continue his long history of serving his country by raising the quality of life for all Americans as the president of the United States.

Arthur Drew: Veteran, Entrepreneur, Family Man… Presidential Candidate.

Art’s VFW Award