Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Syrian Crisis

You are living in a tent. You have just enough food and water to keep you and your family members alive. Around you, people are dying every day because they don’t have access to medicine or physicians. Your living conditions are cramped, even shoulder to shoulder at times. Privacy is something accessible only in your […]

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Veteran’s Day

This Veteran’s Day, while we are remembering the sacrifices of past generations, it is worthwhile to think about the youngest generation of American veterans. The two longest wars in American history were fought concurrently over the last decade. These wars required the service of the greatest number of Americans since the Vietnam War. Now that […]

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Uninsured America

The above image comes from a New York Times article analyzing the number of people in each county in the United States who lack health insurance. Before the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was rolled out in 2013, nearly the entire map was dark blue because nearly 20% of all Americans lacked any kind of health […]

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