Strength of Character


The president of the United States of America needs to have numerous, and specific qualities to govern efficiently. The other candidates present some aspects of a strong leader but they lack the character required to make their mark as Commander-in-Chief. While each of them has demonstrated themselves to be capable campaigners, debaters, and fundraisers, none have proven themselves to be able to unite, and communicate with an opposition that is not empathetic to their cause.

One of the defining characteristics of the current field is a stubborn determination to refute “the other side” even if the other side has reasonable, and valid objections or declarations. In a year where campaigns have focused on slander instead of substance, it is hard to have faith in politicians.

With debates that often deteriorate into outright name calling, can it be said that people like Cruz, Clinton and, Trump have the strength of character to hold office? Hardly, and without a strong, guiding voice, a divided congress will continue to stumble over itself, as it has during the weak-willed Obama administration.

The United States congress is so split that Senator Cruz filibustered long into the night to prevent the implementation of Obamacare, just to spite a Democratic administration. Being unwilling to concede a position in the face of government shutdown, is demonstrative of a strong personality, but fails to show any real dedication to bridging party gaps.

Donald Trump wants to bar an entire religious group from entry to the country. He also wants to build a wall dividing continental USA from Mexico. Even though these are probably simple posturing, the message isn’t one of unifying the country. The contrary is true, his platform is one built on segregation and xenophobia. A fear of different cultures is far from optimal in a country built on diversity, and managed by a diverse congress.

The United States of America is no longer in the top ten for life expectancy, school performance, literacy, happiness, or crime rate. The time has come for drastic change, and that can’t happen with a politician. Our country has reached a critical mass where the status quo is no longer acceptable.

When making electoral decisions there are only two questions that needs to be asked:

“Will my quality of life improve if I choose to elect a career politician who is beholden to donors, or who is unwilling to compromise?”

The answer is a resounding “No.”

The problem extends beyond character, though. There is also a lack of leadership ability in the current candidates. If four grown men on a stage can’t be civil during a presidential debate, what chance have they at speaking cordially to congress? Or the opposition?

Or to other world leaders?

The thing is, being a brilliant litigator, or businessman doesn’t mean that you will be even a moderately good president. It just means that you have the ability to convince people that you will be.

In Vietnam, I received numerous commendations for my ability to problem solve, time manage, and improve overall group mentalities. I continued to receive letters of commendation and recommendation throughout my military career, and post-war life. I have received merits for attitude, ability, and dedication.

This experience, and dedication allowed me to open my own, successful, troubleshooting company after the war was over. I was able to happily provide for my family, give assistance to those in my community and retire comfortably. Now that I have retired and immersed myself in the political world, I am ready to give more to a country that has given me so much.

My record speaks for itself and, when coupled with my ability to solve problems, makes me a presidential candidate who is both strong and empathetic. Voting for Art Drew is voting for strength of will, strength of mind, and a return to the American dream.

2 thoughts on “Strength of Character”

  1. Please give your opinion on exposing who the delegates are that elect our President. I know that each state has different rules. But how do they get to have it both ways?
    I would like a list of all US Delegates for both the Primary elections and the general elections, so I can see who these institutions represent. I feel I have a right to know. I think they should be made public.

    1. Hi Joy,

      I completely agree that there should be an easy to access list of delegates. The fact that, even if you ask for a list, you won’t receive one – is demonstrative of our government’s unwillingness to offer any form of transparency to its citizens. I also believe, like you, that all government representatives should be accessible, visible, and understood. It warms my heart to know that others feel the same way.

      Thank you very much for your comment,

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