Quick to Judge

As a general rule, the first six months are a good gauge of how active a president intends to be. It’s a long enough time for them to have followed through on a few campaign promises and it gives the new Commander-in-Chief time to acclimate to his shiny new digs. Donald Trump has been president for less than a month, and already the media has judged him a leper. The animosity has stretched so far that we have seen judges who are meant to uphold the law stand opposed to those very principles.

Are those judges’ bad people?

Not necessarily.

They may just be a little uninformed and quick to the trigger. The media has portrayed President Trump’s travel restriction as a “Muslim Ban” when there are numerous – dozens even – Muslim countries that have escaped the ban hammer. The countries that were included in the (now irrationally overturned) travel ban are countries that are known to harbor enemies of the United States. Large groups of enemies – mostly of the terrorist kind.

If the ban was a “Muslim ban”, why weren’t Pakistan, Turkey, or Egypt on the list?

Heck – if it was a ban at all, why was it only for a ninety day period? Why are we so quick to dismiss the possibility of delaying visitors from hostile countries while we vet them?

Furthermore, the Liberal echo chamber is quick to forget that the first travel restrictions against those seven countries were not established by Mr. Trump, but by Obama. The new president’s order simply solidified, and strengthened an already existing restriction against countries the Obama administration had identified as “countries of concern”.

It is no light thing that it sometimes seems that Mr. Trump doesn’t take his job as president as seriously as he should; or that some of his views can be particularly hard line; and we were quick to point that out during the election season. But it is vital that we remember that this man was elected president in a fair election the same way the other presidents were. That means there are a lot of people who want to see what he can do. Just because we didn’t get our way doesn’t mean we can stop working as a team to progress as a country. Democracy doesn’t mean left versus right, it means an entire nation of people working together.

So far President Trump has followed through and/or started work on several of his campaign projects. Most presidents are still getting comfy in their chairs at this point. So, at the very least, he is a man who gets things done and I, for one, am excited for what the future might hold for us. With all this change, one thing can be said for certain – we are a part of history. So whether you voted for him or not, buckle up and enjoy what promises to be an interesting four years.