Liberal Fascism

Liberalism is a movement that flourished in the 19th century, spurred on by the success of the American and French revolutions. The premise was fairly simple, people wanted to be treated equally in all things and they wanted the government to impose its will on their everyday lives as minimally as possible. That meant freedom of press, freedom of speech, democratic societies, and all those good things we have come to identify as Western – and moreover – American ideals.


There is a certain appeal to liberalism, especially for the vigorous youth of first world nations because of its reputation for producing change. It’s roots are still firmly entrenched in the foundations of college campuses worldwide. It reached a pinnacle when women gained the right to vote, and again when they pushed for equal rights for the LGBTQ community. The movement never tapered off and allowed for society to catch up though, and like any ripe fruit left in the sun for too long, it has begun to rot.


Revolutionary movements are not built to last. When they run their course and fail to dissipate their momentum, their inherent ability to attract protesters-for-hire and their ilk can make for incredibly volatile political reactions. We can see textbook examples of this happening on our own soil right now.


Liberal protesters, either as members of Obama’s protesting task force, or as ill-informed enthusiastic citizens, have begun to cause serious disruptions in our country since the election of our current President, Mr. Trump.


They have protested the rightful election of the president. They have protested their fellow citizens for supporting a leader of their choosing, even though we live in a democratic society and they are, even today, protesting perceived threats to their civil liberties.


Protesting is a great thing, and that we allow peaceful protesting is one of the things that makes our country exceptional on the world scale. But when those protests turn violent, or threaten to turn violent, as many of these large demonstrations have, the government has little choice but to intervene.


Rioting is not the same as protesting and the current liberal movement has forgotten this. The political spectrum is actually a political circle and those that push too hard for the suppression of negative speech (as we can see in the laws being passed in New York and Canada forcing educators and government officials to acknowledge insane, made-up, gender identities), begin to walk the thin line between extreme Liberalism and Fascism.


It is one thing to demand to be accepted, and quite another to forcefully demand that others concede to your views. Nazis did that. Assad did that. Pol Pot did that. Americans do not do that. The sooner we remember that, the better.


Should we watch with wary eyes, the president who said questionable things about women during his campaign? Absolutely. Should we storm the footsteps of the White House and light every cop car ablaze on the way there? No, we shouldn’t, we are a people founded on the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”. If something happens to pose a real threat to our wellbeing then we should rise and fight, but right now is not that moment. Now is a time for rebuilding and cooperation, not chaos and aggression. We would do well to remember that before these demonstrations cause any more damage to the foundations of our great society.

The world is watching us right now and we are not impressing them.