Monthly Archives: March 2016

Strength of Character

The president of the United States of America needs to have numerous, and specific qualities to govern efficiently. The other candidates present some aspects of a strong leader but they lack the character required to make their mark as Commander-in-Chief. While each of them has demonstrated themselves to be capable campaigners, debaters, and fundraisers, none […]

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Seven Americas

This has been the most diverse presidential election in history. An African-American ran, a woman is still running, a business man won super Tuesday, and a socialist, a Cuban and a Canadian still have fighting chances. Each of the incumbent candidates has a significantly different platform and the next four years can go many different […]

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Business as Usual

In order for a democracy to function properly, the individuals embedded within the bureaucracy must be able to make informed, credible decisions and, more importantly, they must be able to compromise. When FDR brought his ‘New Deal’ to American politics, a new hard left was established. The coalition against it, comprised mostly of southern Republicans, […]

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