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Cyber Insecurity

Since the Snowden information leak in 2013, national cyber security has been in the forefront of American minds. If a single anti-establishment agent like Snowden can access millions of compromising files then it is easy to extrapolate that elite Chinese networking and intelligence teams are capable of retrieving virtually anything they want from our vast […]

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The Taxman Cometh

More and more businesses seem to be leaving continental United States for the shores of countries with friendlier commercial tax rates. Both republicans and democrats are seeking a reform in American tax law but the nature of the house is partisan and, with constantly divisive politics, very few important changes have been made. Republicans are […]

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Over-Priced Utilities

Energy prices have never been higher in America than they are today. Energy costs for the average consumer have surged, nationwide. Most states are experiencing double digit price increases, even when inflation is taken into account. The only time in American history when energy costs have been nearly as high as they are now was […]

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