Monthly Archives: September 2016

An Important Election

Selecting a new president is a huge decision but, depending on the atmosphere of world politics, it can also be a vitally important one. The President of the United States is a figurehead, not just for America, but for the entire Western world. In dire times, the first world looks to us for guidance and […]

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A Clean Bill of Health

  When it comes time to make the decision of who to cast your ballot for, there are a plethora of factors to consider. For most of us, this boils down to three primary variables: -          The person; is the candidate likeable? When they speak in public, do they seem reasonable and honest? Are they […]

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Once, We Went to the Moon

The United States has ever been a beacon of strength, resolve, and determination. We are the guiding light of the developing world and we gained that reputation through our incredible military might, our world leading academic minds, and our drive for perfection. When Kennedy made his famous speech in September of ’62 he challenged us […]

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