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Obamacare: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

In 2003 a bill was drafted guaranteeing all American residents vision care, dental services, primary and emergency care as well as an extensive drug plan. This draft had majority support and clauses ensuring that privatized institutions (operating out of their own buildings) would be able to continue their business. Heck, it even included safeguards for […]

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Uninsured America

The above image comes from a New York Times article analyzing the number of people in each county in the United States who lack health insurance. Before the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was rolled out in 2013, nearly the entire map was dark blue because nearly 20% of all Americans lacked any kind of health […]

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Obamacare Problems

President Obama’s legacy will largely be judged based on the most important piece of legislation he championed, the Affordable Care Act – usually referred to as Obamacare. President Obama has been claiming that Obamacare has been a triumph for him and his administration. The Obama administration has announced that over 8 million Americans have enrolled […]

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