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Cyber Insecurity

Since the Snowden information leak in 2013, national cyber security has been in the forefront of American minds. If a single anti-establishment agent like Snowden can access millions of compromising files then it is easy to extrapolate that elite Chinese networking and intelligence teams are capable of retrieving virtually anything they want from our vast […]

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Closing Guantanamo

One of President Barack Obama’s first actions after being sworn in as president in January of 2009 was to sign an executive order directing the Central Intelligence Agency to shut down its network of secret prisons and ordering the closing of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. This closure never happened, both because of Congress’s reluctance […]

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Senate “Torture” Report

With the recent release of the Senate’s report on the CIA’s alleged use of “torture,” many Americans are preoccupied with the idea of what exactly counts as “torture” and whether America should be in the business of torturing prisoners. But in all this hand-wringing and self-righteous complaining, it is important to remember the context of […]

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