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Brighter Children, Brighter Future

Education is a vital aspect of any democratic country. The reason it is so important is because citizens make the major decisions. If those decisions are made by uneducated individuals then the consequences can be dire. If a resident hasn’t been taught about their political and economic systems or how to critically think for themselves […]

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Classroom Control

The American education system is in a state of crisis. Despite throwing more tax dollars at our K-12 education system than nearly any other country in the world, our students rank far below all of our main economic rivals in every important category. Every successive Presidential administration has proposed a series of plans to attempt […]

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Teaching to the Test

In 2002, President George W. Bush signed one of the most significant bills of his presidency, the No Child Left Behind Act. The goal of this legislation was to close the achievement gap, making sure that students from all over America would have the same opportunities to learn and achieve success. There was a general […]

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