A Chorus of Lies


Vetting your news media outlets is a vital part of becoming properly informed about your presidential options. With a constant stream of irrelevant, partisan information, most outlets cannot be relied on to truly present viewers with objective fact. Each of the “Big Three” news stations are guilty of regularly espousing misinformation. Some more than others.

Fox Broadcasting Company is one of the most watched news stations in the entire world, coming second only to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The vast majority of sentiment on the station is rhetoric and propaganda at best, blatant lies at the worst.

Bias is to be expected from media corporations because they are owned by individuals. However, not everyone is educated and informed enough to actually be able to distinguish what is fiction, and what is reality. Fox News, like Donald Trump, plays on fear to establish better ratings. Using the terrorism card not only demands the attention of patriotic viewers but also provides the lay viewer with reason to be incensed. They have a lot of freedom to frighten their viewers considering that only about 40% of their editorials are considered even somewhat truthful by a recent Politifact study.

Scientific reporting, however, is the primary area in which Fox News fails to regularly disseminate accurate information. With an accuracy rating of merely 7% in regards to science, a room consisting of nicotine addicted monkeys and typewriters could rival Fox News’s science team in terms of facts. The dissent of climate change is the headline of Fox’s science department’s inaccuracies, their reporters effectively ignore world leading scientists in regards to global warming and cooling and in some cases, readily present lies in place of research. Media is supposed to serve as the public’s guide to complex scientific studies and politics and in the case of Fox News, fact checking has been largely overlooked.

Only MSNBC rivals Fox for partisan leanings. Almost as left as Fox is right, the over-liberal MSNBC does rely on actual science for their reporting but, still, 44% of their news is at least, mostly, inaccurate.

Although, they do tend to accurately represent professional scientists, MSNBC is absolutely guilty of really pushing the limit of what is scientifically valid. While their science is accurate, they do have a tendency of overselling things like climate change and misrepresenting other scientific news.

Defined by their liberal leanings and devotion to climate change segments, MSNBC does still offer a regular dose of false, or misleading reports. From displaying incorrect maps, to Brian Williams’s exaggerations of his time in Iraq, MSNBC regularly makes significant mistakes that misinform those watching the network. They also have a clear hero worship complex in regards to Mr. Obama.

Bias isn’t the only bad journalism, though. Companies like CNN, in the interest of remaining centrist, utilize aversion tactics to keep themselves from appearing partisan. They will often ignore or undersell the facts to keep themselves from appearing to support either side.

False reporting may not be as big an issue with CNN as its sister “Big Three” networks, but they do undersell many stories to avoid the risk of appearing partisan, whether or not they are. Considering the choices, CNN does seem to offer fair coverage but, even then, important world events and people are a kryptonite for the organization. They balk at major issues and fail to cover important candidates.

The large, established news organizations leave citizens with little choice but to sift through the bad reporting themselves. Inherently trusting any one of these establishments is a mistake; Fox News is the ugliest face of the Republican Party, MSNBC is a liberal propaganda poster child, and weak willed CNN is more of a news outlet for the faint hearted than Americans who want to know the cold, hard facts. The primaries are soon and the media is fickle. Do your own research and vote for Art Drew.