A Clean Bill of Health


When it comes time to make the decision of who to cast your ballot for, there are a plethora of factors to consider. For most of us, this boils down to three primary variables:

-          The person; is the candidate likeable? When they speak in public, do they seem reasonable and honest? Are they well spoken? Do they have the necessary experience? Do they have a propensity for lying?

-          The platform; what does this person want to change? What do they want to stay the same? Are this person’s goals reasonable? Does this person represent the things I believe in?

-          The party; is this my party of choice? If it isn’t, should I reconsider my party loyalties? Will this person work well within their party, and with the opposition in congress?

These are all absolutely important things to consider when you are choosing who to vote for but there is more to it than simply choosing the best politics.

When Senator McCain ran for president, he chose a young, new face to run alongside him in Sarah Palin. However, every time Governor Palin spoke, she put her foot in her mouth or simply made herself look like a fool. Her idiosyncratic speech patterns and tendency to ramble in slurring – seemingly drunken – sentences made her an incredibly polarizing personality.

Many experts claim the reason McCain lost was because of his running mate. You see, Senator McCain was roughly 80 years old when he ran and his health wasn’t very good. Many voters saw a very real possibility of a Palin presidency if McCain won and so even many fervent supporters voted the other way.

This election has a similar feel.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both roughly 70 years old and neither of them looks ready to last in the White House.

Trump was recently analyzed by a highly touted psychologist whose final assessment was that The Donald is not only half of a point of BMI from obesity but he also has the psychological profile of an “existence unencumbered by a soul.”

That’s a clinical psychiatrist’s diagnosis. Nobody in their right mind would willingly put into office an inhuman monster such as this man, and that is why we haven’t been focusing on him recently – and we look to continue that trend.

Clinton’s campaign, however, was recently interrupted by a collapse that she claimed was due to pneumonia, or was it overheating? It’s hard to keep track of what the latest spin news out of her camp is. Many doctors find these excuses to be unlikely though, as she had exhibited no other symptoms of pneumonia or heat exhaustion. What is distressing, though, is that she had a blood clot in her brain in 2012, the sort of clot that might make a person spontaneously fall unconscious.

This is incredibly alarming as her running mate is a mere Junior Senator who barely knows the ropes of American politics. The presidency dropped into the lap of such a person is the stuff of nightmares and comedy movies.

If Hillary isn’t willing to share her medical information when she clearly has a serious issue then how can we trust her with our nation’s most guarded secrets? She has already demonstrated her willingness to sell out. Now she has proven that she isn’t healthy either. What more reason do we need to stop supporting this person for president?

We at the Arthur Drew for President Camp believe that a president should be strong both in mind and body, as well as experience. When you go to the polls, cast your write-in vote for Arthur Drew.