An Important Election

Selecting a new president is a huge decision but, depending on the atmosphere of world politics, it can also be a vitally important one. The President of the United States is a figurehead, not just for America, but for the entire Western world. In dire times, the first world looks to us for guidance and without a strong leader, the glue that holds war and economic catastrophe at bay may not hold.

Right now the Middle East is being ravaged by violent revolution and Africa is seeing the result of many of its own conflicts. We are reminded of these conflicts daily by the memorial in New York. This spillover is not over and neither of the current candidates can deal with it. Hillary Clinton directly participated in starting this awful struggle through her pay-for-play government access and Donald Trump’s insensitive rhetoric has leftists accusing him of inspiring new jihadists.

The United Kingdom has just separated from the European Union (against the will of one of its host countries – Scotland) and is restructuring all prior trade agreements with the world around it. Even though England and its partner nations are across an ocean, the effects of their decision will be felt here – and it will get worse before it gets better. As one of our most important trading partners, a firm but friendly negotiation needs to take place. Trump’s aggressive style will leave us in the cold and Hillary’s willingness to sell out her country in return for financial gain would put small and medium businesses in the poor house.

On our own soil, we are dealing with a massive influx of refugees seeking to flee the turmoil in their homelands. Clinton can’t seem to decide what action she would see us take and Trump would see us erect a new, incredibly expensive wall bordering Mexico.

This is an election where the two-party system has failed us. Neither balloted candidate can, or even pretends to be able to solve these problems – or even contribute to the solution. In fact, it is just as important to prevent these people from being elected as it is to elect the right person. It is an important job, and it is up to you to do it. When you are at the ballot box, make sure to cast your write-in vote for Arthur Drew. My military campaigning experience, business expertise, and ethical nature make me a natural choice to lead us through the next four years.  Together, we can right the ship.