Health Care Compromises

It is no secret that most people throughout our country are dissatisfied with the state of health care in America. Our health care system has been a mess for decades. We pay more for our health care system than any other country in the world, but Americans have worse health outcomes than nearly any other developed nation. How can the wealthiest, most powerful nation on Earth fail so spectacularly at something as simple as giving our citizens the health care they need?

The answer is obvious, and is the same answer that always presents itself when we wonder about what has gone wrong with America. We have a government that only has one priority, and that priority is making money for the corporations and billionaires who fund political campaigns. Even when individual politicians do have a desire to actually help their countrymen or accomplish some kind of meaningful reform, their divided loyalties make it virtually impossible.

Obamacare began as an attempt to get health care for the tens of millions of Americans who can’t afford private health insurance. However, the president and the lawmakers in Congress needed to make concessions to please their donors who own insurance companies, their donors who own hospitals, and their donors who are ideologically opposed to any kind of spending that helps the less fortunate. As a result, Obamacare emerged from Congress as a twisted, nonsense health care reform that has actually made things worse for millions of us.

The compromises our government made in the health care debate were not for any practical purpose. They did not come from honest differences of opinion about how best to serve the American people. They came because all the politicians in the administration and in Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, are more concerned with representing their real constituents – the 1% who have claimed the right to run our government and control all of our lives.

We need real health care reform, and we’ll never get it if we need to wait for the puppets of the rich in Congress and the White House to give it to us. There is too much profit to be made in human misery for these Wall Street cronies to ever pass legislation that will give cheap, effective health care to the poor in America.

What America needs is a government-funded, single payer health care system, like the health care systems that are being run by every other civilized nation on the planet. The history of other nations has proven that the United States will actually SAVE MONEY by directly paying for the health care of every single American citizen. Our current system of private insurance allows insurance companies and hospitals to collude to constantly raise the costs of procedures and treatments. A single payer, regulated system keeps costs down and ensures all Americans can get the health care that they need.

I am running for president because I am sick to death of the conspiracy between the Demo-Republican parties and the Wall Street elites to ruin the lives of regular Americans. Thousands upon thousands of Americans die from easily preventable and curable conditions every year, and others suffer from a reduced quality of life, simply because they can’t afford health insurance. This is not something we can allow to continue.

When I am elected President of the United States, I will not rest until I have reformed the American health care system. As an independent candidate, I am not obligated to cater to the interests of any corporations or billionaires. My only constituents are the American people, and they are my top priority. If you believe that America needs real health care reform, I urge you to join with me in 2016 by casting your write-in vote for me, Art Drew.