Nobody is Listening

nobody is listening

For a democratic system to function properly, the people in charge of the ruling parties need to listen to popular public opinion. It has been nearly a hundred years since this was the case and the American political system has degenerated to a point where Democrats and Republicans are more concerned with impeding each other than listening to constituents.

In this article we will explore how each party’s leaders regularly, and with extreme consistency, completely ignore the voice of the public.

We’ll begin with the presumptive democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Outside of her penchant for criminal activity (see. currently being investigated by the FBI for what is, essentially, treason), she is known for saying whatever she thinks people want to hear. Clinton claims that her opinions vary only when she is presented with new information but this can’t be true. There are numerous examples that demonstrate this to be clearly untrue, such as:

  1. Clinton served on the panel that would decide whether or not to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” and never proposed the change, despite claiming (now) that she would have supported it. She also argued against same sex marriage for decades, saying “I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman”. There has been no new information regarding the subject, and yet her opinion has been changed.
  2. She has subsequently supported the failed Iraq war despite having a plethora of information available to her – enough information for many of her fellow senators to reject the notion of a prolonged confrontation in the Middle East. Although, throughout this election season she has denounced it. Her excuse is that she isn’t the only person who supported it. The “following orders” argument isn’t an acceptable one. We learned that during the Nuremberg Trials.
  3. “We’ve got to do several things and I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants.” This sentence was spoken by Clinton who is now calling for a pathway to citizenship. This may or may not have something to do with her allegedly selling access to foreign and corporate officials.

While this flip flopping might appear to be based on public consensus which, in a democracy, would be a boon – it doesn’t actually mean anything. Public opinion right now (from both ends of the political spectrum) is that Wall Street has far too much control and influence. Hillary’s platform includes admonishment of the greedy banking system, but throughout her campaign she has proceeded to collect millions of dollars from Wall Street banks.

It stands to reason that Hillary, like her predecessor Barrack Obama, doesn’t actually care about what you think. For every seemingly populist motion she makes, another scandal arises contradicting what she claims to believe.

It is well known that Republican candidates are more concerned with protecting the wealthy than catering to the people. Trump is no better. His history of backdoor dealing and questionable bankruptcies should be enough to eliminate his chances of election, but there is far more to him than just that.

Even when Donald Trump’s opinions seem to align with that of the general public, they often turn so extreme that they become entirely falsified or unrealistic. Often times these crazed notions result in him backtracking or outright denying making a statement. This has happened several times throughout the election, from immigration claims to abortion.

This man does not care about what you think.

There is a third option, though. When I was in the military I specialized in trouble shooting technical problems. In this military environment, I learned to listen to my colleagues and to apply the information I received to the various facets of my business and everyday life. This has helped me to succeed both as a businessman and as an individual. I believe that what we need now is not a person who says what you want to hear but means another. I believe we need a person who truly listens and acts on what the American people want. Vote for Art Drew and have your voice heard.