The Truth About the Economy

Let’s face it, folks. Despite the miserable, uneasy atmosphere cast on our country by this election – there has never been a better time to be an American.

We have nearly universal healthcare, although it is an imperfect system that could use some tweaks to ensure better coverage and lower mandatory costs.

We live in safety and security for the most part, unwounded by war on our own land.

Our life expectancy has never been higher, our health never better, our children never more educated.

And, despite what Mr. Trump wants you to think – and say it with me nice and loud so that it stays with you – the economy is completely fine.

It is true that we were smacked (and hard) by the mortgage crisis. It hit our economy and it caused us to stagnate, and even regress for a very short period of time. But in the last two years the economy has clawed its way back, especially over the last financial quarter. Donald Trump’s promise of a collapse is nigh impossible with the numbers as they are.

Even during the slow period prior to this quarter, we had growth (albeit only around 1%), but this 2.9% is quite large. While economists take this growth with a grain of salt, there are no large black clouds on the horizon in terms of our nation’s financial position.

Let us also not forget that this slow economic growth has all been happening during Brexit. One of our strongest trading partners is in the midst of complete political upheaval – and still our economy remains firm.

The only thing that could stimulate an economic collapse at this point would be electing a leader who wants to drastically change our economy. His proposed overhaul of our economic system would destroy us. Even the nuanced parts of his plan are terrible. While “producing our own oil” might sound like a good idea, much of our economy is from foreign oil investors and this would drop the price significantly. Not to mention that the market for oil is already saturated because of American shale oil.

He is currently feuding both with Wall Street and the head of the Federal Reserve, which may sound great to the patriotic couch potato politician, but it isn’t good. These are not controlled by the president for very good reason and his inability to work with them would hinder progress nationwide.

We need a president who will tweak the economy but not radicalize it, a president who will hit the 1% without destroying our own markets, and a president who knows how this country functions. I have fought for my country, I have been successful in the markets of my country, and I understand that the real issues right now are foreign relations with rival countries, health costs, energy use, prisoner count, and not a pretend economic collapse designed to frighten people into voting.

When you go to the polls in November, cast your write-in vote for Arthur Drew, a president who understands what our country really needs.