Where is the backbone?

The 2016 presidential election season is in full swing now, with Hillary Clinton riding high as if she’s already won the Democratic nomination despite her sinking numbers and the rising support for other Democrats like Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, more than a dozen contenders have piled into the Republican clown car, many of them blatantly and painfully unsuited to hold any political office, let alone the presidency.

The media is occupying themselves with obsessing over details about the different candidates’ lives and overanalyzing their statements. Did so-and-so say something sexist? Has this candidate ever associated with anyone undesirable? These are trivial matters. The media can’t be bothered to ask the important questions: How will their policies help or hurt America? Do these candidates have the backbone to actually keep America safe?

Out of the dozens of people who are nominating themselves to be America’s next commander-in-chief, very few have any military experience at all. Aside from Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham, and Jim Webb, none of the candidates have served, and these three are not considered frontrunners for either of the parties’ nominations. We have to ask ourselves why so few of the prominent Republicans and Democrats have military experience.

The answer is, of course, that these people are not being selected for their suitability to govern America. They are being selected based on their ability to help their friends on Wall Street, in the oil industry, and in the aerospace industry make more money. The corporate-owned media is not interrogating these candidates about their ability to lead because that quality is entirely irrelevant to the billionaires who own the newspapers and cable channels.

However, while things like character, integrity, and leadership may not matter to the 1%, they are in fact extremely important to the American people. We live in a world that is looking increasingly frightening and unstable. From the expansion of ISIS throughout the Middle East and North Africa while striking at civilian populations in Europe and North America, to the Greek debt crisis that looks likely to destabilize the entire Eurozone, potentially leading to an increased risk of rising fascism and war, the world is becoming an increasingly hostile and unfriendly place.

With the future looking increasingly uncertain, America needs strong leadership more than ever before, and it doesn’t look like we are going to be getting that from this horde of attorneys and corporate cronies who are being presented as options for president. None of these candidates have what it takes to stand up to aggression and make the world respect America again, and they don’t have the understanding of military matters necessary to understand the real sacrifices that our serving men and women are making for our country.

We need a president with real backbone, which is one of the main reasons I have thrown my hat in the ring. As a veteran, I have the discipline, experience, and leadership that are necessary to make the decisions that will keep America safe and prosperous. We already know that the only priorities of Clinton, Bush, Trump, and the others is to make more money for themselves and their buddies, while I will work tirelessly to protect American lives and improve the economy. If you’ve lost hope and respect for the Demo-Republican machine, like I have, I urge you to join me in 2016 by casting your vote for Art Drew for President of the United States.